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Mr.Clifford Blake 2 – Antipathy Defined

Cliff Blake has quite a bit of time on his hands based on the antagonistic blog posts he generates about myself and Selectman William Connolly, Jr. One in particular needs to be addressed as Cliff has his head securely placed where the sun doesn’t shine.


I will attempt to address the blatant lies, incoherent ramblings  and suppositions he has made. Unfortunately his rantings about us republicans are based on his own fallacious, cross wired synapses.  So here ya go Cliffy…


Comments on: Selectman (RINO) Connolly and RTC Chair RINO J NOTARO  05/22/2012


Nice name calling Clifford, it’s just like what the liberals do when they don’t get their way or want to destroy a person. You have proven that all it does is make you look like an angry misanthrope. Numbers 1-6 and Check out the Liberal Joe Notaro Chair of the RTC RINO site are from Cliff, (highlighted) the rest are my answers.


1) Selectman Connolly was for the 2-1/2 override ( Would have cost the people in the town $$$$$ higher Taxes).


That’s not a partisan issue per say Clifford. The schools in Clinton are now going down the tubes due to unfunded state mandates.  Special education increased by 1.2 million dollars this year alone, with no “extra funding” by the state. This in turn reduces home values and in the end all parties lose. I’m a fiscal conservative and dislike paying higher taxes for no reason.


2) Voted with MRD on almost every issue the same as MRD has.

Give us a couple examples instead of a blanket accusation, the board is a non-partisan board so if Ms Dickhaut who is an enenrolled voter votes one way and Mr. Connolly a republican votes the same, how is this a problem or conflict? If for instance both agree to give a car-lot a license, is that something you believe Selectman Connolly should immediately say no to, just so he votes opposite Ms Dickaut? (unless it raises taxes!)


3) Supports Liberal Dem Rep H Naughton – Tax and spend Liberal – Helped write the Bathroom Bill.


You have no concept of what we think, only anecdotal “sound bites” you and your handler make up. None of the republicans I know support that absolute heinous bill. You Mr. Blake are a real storyteller.


4) With his Little buddy the chair of the Clinton Town republican committee (Joe RINO Notaro) has gone against most all conservatives in the town.


Clifford, you are sadly mistaken, I’m conservative and I challenge you to give one solid piece of evidence that I’m not. You use that old liberal method of telling a lie enough until it becomes the truth in your mind. For the record, I’m a pro-life, pro-second amendment, fiscal conservative who also has some politically libertarian leanings, like keeping the government from regulating everything we do, think and say.  They need to stay out of our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I.E. smaller government, not larger!


5) Connolly and Notaro are nothing close to being Republicans.


We’re more republican than you’ll ever be Clifford, after all you changed parties from republican to unenrolled last year and have now flip-flopped back. Why is that?  So, as I’ve been a republican for years and never changed I guess that makes myself and Bill as well “more republican” than you are. Flip-Flop, Say did you vote in the republican primary on March 6th? I already know the answer.


6) Joe Notaro website says that Connolly is a champion of conservatism – But both of there actions in the past shows the real Liberals they both are.


Please give examples of how we have shown we are liberals? I want clear evidence, not your liberal, Saul Alinsky like “tell a lie enough until it appears to sound like the truth”.

That quote is clearly not in the short blog article I wrote, do you disagree that it was wise to mandate that Massachusetts enact the Secure Communities Act Clifford? Or do you reject it and believe illegals should be given amnesty? You Clifford are acting like a liberal moonbat.


More from Cliff: Check out the Liberal Joe Notaro Chair of the RTC RINO site.


As a former member of the military (thanks for your service) and a “supposed Tea Party affiliate” you have done both groups a disservice by acting like a petulant child. The real Tea Party folks would be appalled at your lack of any degree of civility. You are a a pusillanimous rock thrower who should get with the program and work toward the election of conservative republican candidates instead of acting like a childish oaf.  Did you happen to read the website below this and use it as your political guide? It certainly seems as though you did.

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