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A Tale Of Two Tea Parties

By and large I like the change and discussion the advent of the Tea Party has brought on both a national and regional level. The last election cycle in 2010 brought us a lot of new faces at the national level and statewide there have been some successes as well.


However, and this is a big however, the local Tea Party we have in Clinton Ma is not anything at all like the national and regional groups that are working hand in hand with their local counterparts in political town and city committees. Look at the Twin City, Northboro, Marlboro and two Worcester Tea Party’s . They all seem to work with their GOP counterparts or at least not bash them. The Clinton Tea Party (CTP) has a completely counterproductive attitude at the least and will do nothing but help continue one party rule in Massachusetts.


The Clinton Tea Party (possibly not 100% of them) are nothing but a petulant, vitriolic, hate mongering machine. These people have an axe to grind with anyone that doesn’t agree with them 1000%. Take a look at the CTP website and all it has are articles it has stolen from copyrighted sites and re-posted. There are also many nasty comments about myself, the Clinton RTC Chairman and Clinton Selectman Bill Connolly written by and commented on by the two main CTP perpetrators. They were both on the losing end of elections and need people like us to blame for their losses rather than take personal responsibility for them.


I have run for office a total of four times, I’ve won twice and lost twice. Never in any election did I rely on the Town Committee to “make sure” I got elected, that was my job. So we now have in our midst a local Tea Party who’s members seem to believe they’re entitled to having a Town Committee do their campaigning for them. They sound and act like classic liberals to me.


The Republican party in Massachusetts is already the minority and instead of working toward a common goal of electing Republicans who have more in common with the national tea party at least, this group would rather use their negative energy to bash a local group consisting of 35 people instead of ridding our state and local government of big spending liberal candidates and incumbents.


This group needs to “grow up” and get a new leader that can take them toward the light and work for the betterment of “we the people”. Instead they seem to like going toward the darkness where all of us lose.


It’s groups like this that will sink the likes of Scott Brown. I’m not the biggest Scott Brown fan as he has voted counter to what I would have wanted in a number of cases, but remember, when you agree with someone 80% of the time he’s your friend not you enemy.


The alternative, Elizabeth Warren is a dangerous Socialist. One has to look no further than the Clinton Tea Party Website to see they are on the fringes of public opinion, they have a link to a Youtube video called “Massachusetts Disgrace Scott Brown the RINO”. If these people have their way Elizabeth Warren will be our next Senator so they can exact their pound of flesh from Scott Brown for not being the bible belt, far right candidate they longed for.

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  • Greg S says:

    Very good Joe! Glad to see another political blog

    November 16, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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