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Warren – Lighting a Fire Under Conservative Butts?

Scott Brown has a big problem to tackle and with Elizabeth Warren now the democratic front-runner for his senate seat, this might be, just maybe, A watershed moment, the actual motivating factor that Conservatives need to line up behind the re-election of Senator Scott Brown.


Up until now, Tea Partiers that braved the elements and helped push Brown over the top to his historic victory back on that cold day in 2010 have been pissing and moaning about Brown’s leftish voting record, I certainly have. In fact some of his votes infuriated me to the point of wishing someone else had run and won that seat. However Warren’s lineage of being one of Obama’s TARP Czar’s, her fondness for progressive tax-and-spend policies, and her blatant disregard for the constitution should be giving Conservatives new reasons to heed her high profile, mega-financed campaign. (Soros is a doner!)


Brown isn’t the Conservative messiah many hoped he would turn out to be (myself included) But then again if you listened to his words at the time he did say as he announced his run for U.S. Senate  that the state “needs an independent thinker” ( So he did clearly tell us that he was not the “conservative” we were all looking for to replace Ted Kennedy.


So all you “big C” and “small c” conservatives out there, please take heed and listen to the socialist, big government words of Elizabeth Warren, take them to heart, process them and hopefully you to will see the value in supporting Scott Brown. It took me quite a while to come around to this decision, but our backs are against the wall and without support for Brown we’ll end up with a progressive Senator that will make Ted Kennedy look conservative in comparison.

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